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Don't rob yourself of opportunities to grow.

Atusa founded Action Plan Marketing & PR to help entrepreneurs and business owners crystallize their brand messaging and execute lucrative, research-driven marketing & PR strategies proposed. Clients have sought out the expert experience with Action Plan Agency as they are in the growth phase of their business, or in need of a streamlined branding strategy. As your committed partner, Atusa marries future-proof sales strategies with integrated marketing & PR approaches (AtusasActionPlan®:) and designs a customized plan to increase your pipeline and cultivate brand awareness.

Your purpose is your superpower- it was the impetus behind the birth of your business. There is no relationship without connection, and it is the job of an expert to find your voice, share your story, and do so with heart. 

Your to-do list will never stop growing, nor should it. Let us make that list bigger and brighter, then tackle it.

Who We Work With:

We work closely with Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Board Members, Foundation Leaders, and C-level Executives.


 Action Plan Marketing Agency emerged from the depths of the strategy shadows following a long-time career of developing formidable relationships, curating integrated strategic marketing plans, and identifying business opportunities that go beyond what is expected.

Atusa amplifies authentic brand voices by creatively helping businesses tell their stories that will yield results. At Action Plan Marketing, we dig deep to identify pain points to transform those possibilities into actionable opportunities.

From early on in her career, she made waves in the city, working for media houses like The Chicago Tribune Media Group, Chicago Social Magazine, CS Brides, and Gilt Groupe.  She went on to consult for agencies representing global brands and Fortune 500 companies.

Around the time she had her daughter, she left the agency world and decided to focus her energy and passion on one "client". Atusa is currently Naperville Country Club's Director of Marketing and Sales with Troon Golf, LLC and moonlights as an Experiential Marketing & Strategy Consultant.

A creator, a storyteller, an observer, and a doer- she preaches the alignment of sales and marketing to business owners, entrepreneurs, and other marketers in the industry. Action Plan Marketing & PR is a resource for the taking. 

Action Plan Marketing Agency

Atusa, Founder

Action Plan Marketing & PR

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